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Monday, April 17

is okay. It is the snow at the end of April that gets me. Does it seem that all I ever do is come here to bitch? At least no one reads it anymore. I would like to say something clever here but there is just nothing left by the time I get around to posting. It has officially all been said and done. The fat lady has sung. It wasn't that great, the singing, but the buffet after was good. I am thinking that this post will end my days of blogging. It was a fun run and not like the kind you do in shool PE. Thanks for the memories and all the presents y'all sent. Minus the presents, dirty bastards! 
Friday, December 30
and such. It has been so long since I posted that I have forgotten the finer workings of the whole blogger thing.
I am not really sure why I posted today. I think that it is because Lisa went ahead and linked me in her recent post and then I thought what if someone followed it. That would not be so bad except for that the last post I wrote sucked ALOT
of monkey ass. Trust me...sucking monkey ass is not a good thing. Unless of course you are of the monkey ass sucking persuasion. I digress.
So...speaking of monkey ass...I just finished and environmental science class. I got alot out of it. I now know so much about blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Maybe I'll get a good grade. Likeley not.
Went with the ole Lisa to get my haircut yesterday. I like my hair. It is full, long, shiny, and soft. Everything you could want in hair. Unless you are the girl that cut it. I told her that I want to keep the length but adding some layering and some bangs would be a good thing. When I said keep the length she said...oh, darn. So then she went to wash it and told me that my hair felt like "crap" because it was soooo dry. Okay...possibly but not likely. I have my hair cut every two months and I have NEVER had anyone say anything like that. They are always full of compliments about how healthy it is.
Anyway the point of this story is that now I am all hurt and paranoid that my hair might suck and all these people of the past have been lying to impress me.

I have no life. 
Monday, August 15
  and here we go again

Did you miss me? I thought so. I am at school trying to ignore the whole introduction thing. My name is becky. HA!!! introduction. geez I just did the thing that I hate the most.
Last night I played a blank tape at full blast...and it drove the mimes downstairs crazy!!!
Also there were these two cows in a snowy field and one asked the other whether or not he was worried about the mad cow disease. The other turned back and said "why no I am a penguin!"
That is all 
Tuesday, July 26
  I am turning over a new leaf

HAH!!! made you look. I only said that to get your attention. But I think that it worked.
I went for a fun filled day of jet skiing at the ole lake yesterday. I have never driven one of those before and found it VERY exciting. I can even stand up and drive at the same time but only cause there are no lines to follow. Lines make everything just a little bit harder but most especially standing up to drive.
My kids totally loved the whole trip. They called the wave runners water motorcycles. That was amusing. They were scared the first couple of times going but the little troopers kept at it and eventually found a peace that can only be brought by loud two strokes engines on a large and choppy lake.
I got a little sunburned...the whole red head out in the sun with no sun screen on thing. The ex husband got really sunburned...the whole guy who never goes outside going on a lake with no sunscreen thing. The kids???? Just fine! I never let them out without sunscreen on. Gosh I am a considerate parent. It is mostly cause I like to sniff the fumes of the coppertone though.
All in all it was a glorious day and I think I should do it again. How's about tomorrow at your place? 
Thursday, July 21
  I am alive

or so they tell me. I had a fantastic surgery...or more importantly fantastic drugs for the after surgery. Isn't that what is the most important thing anyway? Yes I think so. Actually I totally lied, I absolutely hate taking anything for pain cause it gives me panic attacks. That whole introduction was a crock of shit. Please don't judge me though, it is my non-uteruses fault. That damn non-exsistent thing. Actually I have to admit I think I am glad that it is gone. No more bleeding until I almost pass out. That can not be all bad.
I have been sitting here on my ass for one week now and I still have only posted once (that would be now). How pathetic...as opposed to parenthetic...or parental...or mental...or dental.
Speaking of dental Lisa has 10 cavities. Sucks to be her. She has cavities and a uterus. Huh, funny.
Anyway, I have decided that my new excuse is going to be that I have no uterus. ie. run into the wall, sorry, no uterus. Forgot to keep that appointment, sorry no uterus. Killed that guy that was driving me nuts, sorry judge, got no uterus. I will let you know how that turns out.
Well I am going to bed now. I have had my xanax, which lately seems to be a precursor to sleep, terrible nighmares since the surgery. It's got to be because I have no uterus. 
Wednesday, July 13
  Schwarzenegger was wrong...

It is a tumor. But not a cancerous one so that is good. I will be having surgery tomorrow to get it removed. It is in my uterus (girly parts) and so they wil be doing a hysterectomy. The good news is NO MORE PERIODS!!! woohoo
yeah so suprisingly i will not be posting for a while. Or I will. one of the two. If I die look for something in Lisa's blog...probably at the bottom...in small print...god I am loved. 
Sunday, June 5

and I used to...
well I guess that sometimes I still do but the occasions are few and far between.
I think that makes me feel old...or maybe just not as sexually ambitious as I used to be. Could it be? Am I actually maturing? NAH!!!
Speaking of the word maybe...In second grade I was in a spelling bee and then I got third place because of the f'ing word. I HATE THAT WORD!!! anyway, I spelled it mabey, and I think that it should be spelled that way! Then and only then would I have won. DAMN!!!
Speaking of spelling...I would like to thank Lisa for the lovely spelling corrections in the last post...She is a godsend! I was just beginning to think I was perfect! I am glad to know that I am actually human...that goddess stuff is just a little too daunting for me.
Speaking of me being a goddess...have you ever had someone say that they had put you on a pedestal and then told you that you fell off and were walking in the muck with the rest of the world. Yeah, well I did. I don't think that I should ever be put on a pedestal, especially in a skirt with no underwear...then everyone could see my stuff.
Speaking of stuff...I think that I have said about enough of it so godbye, whoops, was that intentional???? Goodbye! 
I am a single mom of two brats beautiful boys. I work and go to school so how I have time for this crap is beyond me!

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